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Above-ground swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular by the minute. This is because people are starting to realize how many benefits they offer over the classic, in-ground swimming pools. That style is becoming outdated because it is inconvenient, expensive, and not even more fun than an above-ground swimming pool. The advantages of owning an above-ground pool far outweigh that of owning an in-ground pool. Here are just a few of the benefits, aside from the amazing and entertaining summer fun.

1.Above-ground swimming pools are incredibly inexpensive.
When installing a swimming pool in the ground, consumers are paying bigger bucks, plus equipment, accessories, and energy bill costs. When installing an above-ground swimming pool, especially when using DIY method, consumers pay only a fraction of that price, with a lot of the equipment included. These pools also cost a lot less to keep running, as many of the systems are energy efficient, and they are simple enough to where you will not need to hire someone to maintain it. In-ground swimming pools are often complicated for owners to figure out so they wind up hiring a pool cleaner, which adds to the overall cost. When it 
comes to finances, above-ground swimming pools win by a mile.

2.Above-ground swimming pools are very simple to install and maintain.
Purchasing and installing an above-ground swimming pool can be done within a matter of a day or two. Generally, the pool kits come with an instructional manual and DVD included so that there is not any room for confusion. Often times, however, consumers do not even need to use the DVD because the installation is so simple. Depending on the style that you buy, you may just wind up having to inflate the top ring, prop the vinyl sides up, and fill it with water. This would take about 30 minutes. In addition to the installation being so simple, the maintenance is rather easy as well. Cleaning is still necessary, but it is easier when the edge of the pool is at eye level rather than down on the ground. For those with bad backs, this makes maintenance much easier.

3.Above-ground swimming pools are portable.
These amazing pools are inexpensive, simple, and also portable! This helps to ease any anxiety that consumers may have about relocating. If you happen to move to a new property, you can bring the above-ground swimming pool with you! With swimming pools in the ground, families are forced to leave their summer fun behind when they move to a new home. Depending on the simplicity of the pool style that you choose, you may even be able to bring your pool with you on vacation, so you can beat the heat wherever you go.

These are just some of the amazing benefits of owning an above-ground swimming pool. Thanks to their affordability, easiness, and portability, it is no wonder why the sales are increasing so rapidly. Buy your very own above-ground swimming pool and experience why consumers are so hyped up. Splashing around in the sun never sounded so fun.

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