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At Classic Pools Australia, we offer award winning D.I.Y, above ground and modular in-ground pools. Each of our pool is meticulously engineered to provide a range of solutions tailored to meet your needs. So whether you are looking for self installation, above ground pool or a complete in-ground solution, with our range of pools, you are sure to find one for yourself. 


Our products are straight from Australia where Classic Pools Australia have been operating for 43 years, and with more people realising the benefits a pool can bring, we continue to share our vision with satisfied clients the world over. To this day, Classic Pools Australia continues to be recognised as the leading 'above ground' pool company with outlets in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. 


In 2011, Classic Pools was brought to Malaysia with a showroom in Johor Bahru. Although we are based in South Malaysia, we supply pools nationwide including Borneo. To compliment your swimming pool, we also provide a comprehensive range of equipment and accessories to help you create the ultimate pool for your backyard.


Classic Pools is a multiple gold award winner, as acknowledged by the Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA). For the last six years, classic pools have been awarded the best above ground pool in Australia, a true testament to the quality, strength and design of the product.


Classic Pools is the world's first company to introduce salt water above ground pool to the marketplace. By understanding the needs of consumers, the resin above ground pool was introduced to the market back in 1998. Salt water proved to be the natural progression as the new resin technology provided unique anti-corrosion and longevity properties. The saltwater above ground and modular pool has proved to be a huge success in the marketplace, and as demand continues to grow, we remain committed to researching new and exciting ways to bring the best pool to you.  


In 2011, we released a stainless steel and resin salt water pool called 'Classic Extreme'. This particular pool is ideally suited for in-ground installation, and continues to be at the forefront of modular pool design. Featuring an exclusive stainless steel wall, this is arguably one of the most advanced above ground pools in Australia and Malaysia to date. The long life properties of stainless steel are second to none, so much so that we are able to offer a massive 10 year warranty with this pool. 

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