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​Classic Pools design & install pools for customers in Malaysia. We combine innovative resin technology with years of experience to provide you with a quality pool. At Classic, we want to provide all our clients with the opportunity to own a pool and that is why we came up with the D.I.Y system. Now you can purchase an above ground pool from us and install it yourself using our detailed instruction manual or opt for an above ground or in-ground installation.


​We have a huge range of above ground pools with competitive prices to suit your space and usage. We offer a wide selection of modern designs and shapes including lap, oval, round, rectangle, and teardrop. Each pool type is available in salt and chlorinated water resin varieties for durability and anti-corrosion. This ensures your pool is easy to maintain and stands the test of time, which is important in the corrosive conditions of Malaysia.​


We offer a 10-year warranty for the signature range and extreme range. Classic Pools has an international reputation for quality pools at affordable prices. We are one of the rare pool companies where you can buy low-cost pools without compromising in quality materials. Trust the experts to create a masterpiece that will provide you, your family and friends with a life time of entertainment and relaxation and enhance the value of your home.  


View our collection of above ground pools for sale. We are looking forward to discuss with you on the best design for your needs. Contact our friendly team to discuss your dream pool today!

Signature Pool Features

  • 250mm curved, injection molded resin copings, which is the strongest form of resin designed for durability

  • Resin components including bottom rails, post plates and vertical uprights

  • Suitable for almost all forms of fresh water sanitation

  • Variety of shapes which include rectangle, oval, round, tear drop and lap pools

  • Braced and braceless options

  • Exclusive range of interior colours

  • Wide copings, which gives extra safety to all pool users

  • Many installation options including above ground, partially in-ground and fully in-ground

  • 10-year limited warranty - conditions apply

  • Classic Pools are supplied as a complete pool kit including high standard pump, filtration, maintenance equipment, a Classic moulded ladder and water test kit

Extreme logo.png


The Signature pool is a chlorinated water pool which features modern designs with a wide variety and sizes at affordable prices. Suitable for almost all forms of sanitation other than salt water, whether it is ionized fresh water, or treated with liquid chlorine, just like our drinking water is, this is a robust pool that comes with a 10-year limited warranty.  

Extreme logo_edited.jpg


The exclusive salt water Extreme pool range features a stainless-steel wall with a modern stone stack design and Classic’s premium 250mm injection moulded resin copings making it the most durable modular pool on the market. Classic’s Extreme pool comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

Extreme Pool Features

  • The most technologically advanced modular pool in the world

  • Completely engineered for salt water

  • Stainless steel, double vinyl laminated wall for longevity and durability

  • Wide 250mm curved injection moulded resin copings

  • Resin components including bottom rails, post plates and vertical uprights

  • Contemporary stone 'look alike' wall with matching coping colours

  • Australian engineers certification for above ground, partially in-ground and fully in-ground installation

  • Braced and braceless options available

  • Variety of shapes including rectangular, oval, round and tear drop

  • Large exclusive selection of interior liner colours

  • Liners are equipped with wider, flatter and stronger seams for extra strength and specially formulated PVC ensures durability

  • 10-year limited warranty - conditions apply

  • Unmatched strength and endurance

  • Classic Pools are supplied as a complete pool kit including high standard pump, filtration, cleaning equipment and a Classic moulded ladder

Vinyl Liner Pool Options_edited.jpg


Oval Pools

Pool Shapes & Sizes

Round Classic Pool Size Comparison_edited.jpg
Rectangular Classic Pool Size Comparison_edited.jpg
Lap Classic Pool Size Comparison_edited.jpg
Teardrop Classic Pool Size Comparison_edited.jpg
Oval Classic Pool Size Comparison_edited.jpg


Rectangular Pools


Lap Pools


Tear Drop Pools


Round Pools

Pool Liner Options

interior drk blue2.jpg

Dark Blue

interior light blue2.jpg

Light Blue

int green2.jpg


int blue pac2.jpg

Blue Pacific Marble

int blue reefe2.jpg

Blue Reef Pebble

int aqua marbble2.jpg

Aqua Marble

int coral sand2.jpg

Coral Sand Pebblecrete

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