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Here you can find quotes by some Classic Pools Australia customers. 

"I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality of the above ground swimming pool and the best thing about it is the price. My garden has very good vibes because of the water in the pool. My family and I now spend more time together on weekends enjoying ourselves in our garden."

-Mr. Ho from Kulai

"I'm very happy with my decision to build a classic pool in my house. It has surpassed my expectations as the quality is fantastic. I'm truly satisfied with the work and services provided by them."

Mr. Hans from Bukit Indah 

"I have never regretted installing the Classic Pool in my home. It's the best decision I have made so far but my only regret is not getting a bigger one..."


-Pn. Najah from Taman Dato Onn

"I can't imagine my house without my pool. It's always been a dream for me since my childhood to own a pool and now Classic Pools has made that dream come true for me and it did not take a lifetime!"

-Ms. Victoria from Horizon Hills

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