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  • Introducing the I-Cleaner 120


    It’s smart, it’s powerful and it looks great, but best of all, it really works!

    • Enjoy more time in the pool than cleaning it
    • Spend less money on water bills
    • Improve water quality
    • Reduce workload on your filtration system

    The I-Cleaner 120 robotic pool cleaner is designed to enhance your pool cleaning experience. All you have to do is place the robot in the pool, turn it on and it will clean the floor and walls automatically. The self contained filter bag means there is no need to clean your sand filter after vacuuming is complete. Simply rinse the internal filter bag and you are ready for the next clean.

    ICH Roboter iCleaner 120

    • Standard Features:

      • A genuine wall climbing robotic pool cleaner

      • A full function, wireless remote control for manual operation and spot cleaning

      • 300 liters per minute of filtration

      • .5hr, 1hr & 2hr cleaning cycles

      • 15m tangle resistant floating cable

      • Caddy cart for easy of maneuverability and storage

      • Sponge wheels suitable for all pool surfaces

      • Selected spare parts come with each cleaner sold



      • Z programming for systematic cleaning of your swimming pool

      • Reverses when exiting a beach entry pool

      • Rights itself if it becomes inverted

      • Choice of 3 cycle times .5hr, 1hr and 2 hr cleaning cycles

      • Auto switch off at the end of a cleaning cycle

      • Targets specific areas of your pool with the use of a remote control

      • Two drive motors for manoeuverability

      • Suitable for all pool shapes & surfaces Powerful

      • Filtering 300 litres per minute this cleaner not only removes debris from your pool but also filters the water at the same time

      • 200 watts of cleaning power

      • Two powerful drive motors provide outstanding wall climbing ability Durable & real value for money

      • Robust design and rugged good looks

      • Proven reliability

      • Do it yourself servicing

      • Affordable replacement parts

      • 24 month limited warranty

      • Caddy and remote control included as standard

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